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Brevegen is the name of the road starting at the entrance of the Nigardsbreen Nature Reserve. The road is the gateway to the Jostedalsbreen National Park, so to speak.

The road was opened in 1958 by our company, the Brevegen AS. To cover the maintainance costs there's a small fee to pay for driving the three kilometers to the Nigardsbreen glacier.

The landscape is very interesting. In the 1740's, as the Nigardsbreen glacier was at its most impressive in the Little Ice Age, the ice was covering the entire valley. Today you still see the moraines left behind.

Scientists from all over the world are studying this landscape, looking for different processes, like plant succesions after the ice melted away.

​The Breheimsenteret, close to the 1748-moraine, has extencive exhibitions on the nature history of the glacier area.

From the carpark at the end of the road you can cross the lake in one of our boats, MS Jostedalsrypa and MS Vitlerypa. That way you easily reach the front of the Nigardsbreen glacier.

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