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The Jostedal Ptarmigan ("Jostedalsrypa" in Norwegian) is well known in Norway. The tale of the little girl who survived the Black Death has been subject to novels, plays and motion pictures.

As the Brevegen opened our Glacier Lake crossing, Jostedalsrypa was an obvious name for the first boat. It can take 24 passengers, and cruises the lake continously between the carpark and the glacier every day of the season. In the peak season there are two boats, MS Jostedalsrypa og MS Vitlerypa.

The season starts in late May, and goes on until October 1. The boats have no fixed timetables or booking system.

You just have to show up. The boats goes back and forth as quicly as possible.

Some crossings are reserved for people going on the guided glacier hikes offered by the Jostedalen Glacier Guiding co.

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